The Best Everglades Bass Fishing Guides – Bass On Every Other Cast

Pete Doremus flew from New Jersey to fish with Florida everglades bass fishing guide – John Pate. They had a great morning catching a bunch of nice bass right away. Then a storm rolled in and they had to go in. For more information on catching trophy everglades bass or booking a trip – go to John Pate has been a South Florida bass fishing guide since 1973.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Shaun and Blake Rankie pre-fish for a Bass tournament on Rice Lake in Ontario. Blake demonstrates some very effective techniques and patterns using tubes. Follow this link if you’d like to book a guided fishing trip with Shaun:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 thoughts on “The Best Everglades Bass Fishing Guides – Bass On Every Other Cast”

  1. Most were caught on Tuscaroran Pro Lures “Thunder Stix” and a few were caught on carolina rigged senkos.

  2. We were having some serious fun before that storm rolled in. Nothing beats a day bass fishing in the everglades with good people 🙂

  3. Fish tend to look smaller on TV and Shaun is a big guy so the fish looks smaller in his hands. I don’t doubt the fish was close to 12″ in real life.

    I like this episode, btw. It was informative and well edited.

  4. i stopped watching after the rice lake portion where you claim to have got a 12 inch smallmouth bass that is cleary 7-8 inches. I am an avid fisherman and I know every rock of that lake and I cannot be bothered to look at the small fish that you gentleman are pulling in at rice lake. I do not doubt that you know a decent amount about fishing but the whole cutting the hook on every fish, you will lose time having to re rig and just does not help fishing a tournament.

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