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Top Five Cruise Destinations to Escape the Cold Winter Weather

What better way to escape those cold weather doldrums than a relaxing cruise to a warm destination. Cruises offer all the amenities of home, and many more. The all inclusive nature of a cruise vacation makes it easy to relax and put the thought of cold weather and work behind you.

Choosing a destination to escape those cold weather blues can be a fun challenge. There are many options for warm weather cruising. Some may choose the more exotic routes such as the Panama Canal, Australia and New Zealand, or even the Nile River. Others may choose the allure of the Mediterranean and the French Riviera. Still some prefer the South Pacific or the Mexican Riviera.

All of those destinations have a lot to offer, but the five destinations below are the top five for the warm weather seeker.

Multi-Destination Caribbean Cruise

This is by far one of the most popular cruise choices. The Islands of the Caribbean have so much to offer. They are as diverse as they are similar. The sandy beaches, blue waters, and lush jungles entice many visitors to jump ship at each port and explore the many offerings.

These cruises range from a 3 day excursion to 10 day island-hopping expeditions. Some cruises focus on only a couple of islands, while others make a swing around the entire area. On board the ship you can enjoy the entertainment and meals, while resting up for the day trips to the islands. Scuba, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, or simply exploring villages and mountain trails, are all examples of some of the adventures that await you on the islands.

While it is impossible to experience all the Caribbean has to offer in one multi-destination cruise, it does allow the traveler the opportunity to sample a little of each culture.This smorgasbord of experiences opens new opportunities for future vacation planning.


While we are still in the Caribbean, Barbados is a superb destination. With nearly constant 80 degree temperatures, soft sand beaches, cool blue waters, and lush vegetation, this is a vacationer’s paradise; a relaxing cruise to the island makes it even more enjoyable.

Barbados offers a rich cultural history coupled with many modern amenities. Friendly, laid back people also make this a choice destination. Throw in some great water recreation, posh resorts, and a hopping nightlife and Barbados becomes an even better choice.


Although not well known as a cruise destination, Hawaii has always been a warm weather destination for travelers. The problem for most vacationers was choosing which island to spend their vacation on. A cruise through the islands eliminates that choice. You get to experience them all.

You could choose a cruise that started in Honolulu and then hop to each island for a great cultural and entertaining vacation. The time aboard ship could be used to rest up between visits to the islands. This is a great way to experience all the islands have to offer in a short amount of time.

For those who enjoy the on-ship part of the cruise the best, there are cruises that depart Mexico or British Columbia and float across the pacific for a very relaxing trip. These are much longer excursions. The onboard time can be spent enjoying all the amenities the ship has to offer before embarking on the many island adventures.


Another Caribbean destination, Aruba, is well known for its nightlife. Aruba has often been called the Caribbean’s answer to Las Vegas, with its many lavish casinos and upscale resorts. This island relies on tourism to keep it going, with over fifty percent of its gross national product coming from tourism. That explains why the people are so open and friendly.

The trade winds help keep the temperatures down from the extremes, but the arid, dry climate promises plenty of beach weather. Days spent on the beach and in the warm waters, coupled with nights spent enjoying the resorts and casinos equals fun and relaxation. A low crime rate just adds to the air of relaxation.

U.S. Virgin Islands

This popular string of islands is a hotspot for cruise ship tourism. St. Thomas is the port of choice for shoppers. There are many other attractions and beautiful beaches, as well. Many cruise ships focus their trip on St. Thomas alone, and the passengers are not disappointed. However, the other islands cannot be ignored.

St. John is not a common cruise ship destination, but it is an easy ferry trip from St. Thomas. St. John offers a great look at the nature and history of the islands. And, if it is history you are looking for St. Croix is the destination of choice. It is rich in history with many historical attractions. And Water Island, although not on the cruise ship docket, is a short ferry ride from St. Thomas and offers a relaxing taste of paradise. With less than 200 residents it is an unspoiled gem in the chain of islands.

Jeremy Foster, a freelance writer who writes about travel tips and vacations, also discusses specific kinds of vacations such as a Caribbean cruise.