Sport Fishing In South Florida – Best Fun For Fishers

A land where you can hope to snag a hundred lb sailfish using unique gear, where sports fishing charters are available for a wide range of cities located along the coastline (Miami, Pompano & Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, to name a few) and great fishing adventures an everyday story – that’s the South Florida sport fishing trip for you!!

The Gold Coast in south Florida sport fishing trips area does live up to its name and provides fishermen many opportunities to reel in big Barracudas, Swordfish (known as the gladiator of the sea) and other species like the Mackerel, Kingfish and Amberjack. Of course, those looking out for different fishing holiday with customized fishing gear and tackle routine can rest their claims for fun on hoping to reel in the mighty sailfish – with a record 110 lbs of baggage it carries, it makes for a fine fishing tale!

Inventive anglers are known to play their best lures to snare a sailfish, as old hand at the fishing reel: Captain Vinnie LaSorsa of the GoodFellas Fishing Charters fame is known to do – sailfish reeled in by kite! The kite reeled in a mighty sailfish to Captain LaSorsa and crew-members who’d been luring the fish with live bait hanging from fishing kites, which had suspended hooks skimming the top of the waters; this action created rippling sound waves that attracted the big fish (tuna is also susceptible) and thus the story was told.

However, fishing for the big ones like the Sailfish and Tuna does call upon a huge amount of energy for the fisherman and a hearty breakfast is recommended before setting out to sea – for the sailfish is the hardiest saltwater fish to capture. Those who are not convinced can move on to grappling with sharks on the reel, we say!

And if you take us seriously, then it’s Captain “Mark the Shark,” located out of Miami Beach, that you need; he knows all the varieties – be it the Hammerhead, Bull shark, or the Thresher, he’s one skipper that has the reputation of holding a world record for reeling in these predators of the sea.

On the score of fishing tackle, when on a South Florida sport fishing trip, you can take the expert guidance of an experienced fisherman to differentiate between the different kinds of fishing rods, reels and baits best suited for deep sea fishing in waters known to him. These are namely, Penn Formula 2-speed reels, Black Bart Extreme Breakfast Teaser lures, saltwater fishing rods from the Shimano Tallus family and the Illand Black Hole lure. So, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing gear and fishing holes both when on a South Florida sport fishing trip that can be limited to a day-trip or a close-to-shoreline one (e.g. Fort Lauderdale has fish a couple of mile off the coastline).

Thus, we find that booking a South Florida Sport fishing trip is not only the best way to get some outdoor angling fun but more great tips can be added to the avid angler’s fund of knowledge by looking up the The South Florida Sport Fishing magazine and women to have their own contest here, called the Senorita Shootout. This is organized in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and women are known to catch all species of fish – from Blackfin Tuna to kingfish and the Wahoo. All types of timelines available for charters!

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