Simple Ice Fishing Equipment

Choosing the right gear and equipment for ice fishing is a relatively easy task. There are several key pieces of gear that are essential for fishing out on the ice. The most obvious ones are a fishing pole with lines and hooks and something to cut through the ice. If you forget to bring these pieces of gear then you are not going to be able to go ice fishing at all. So be sure to bring them.

To cut through the ice you are going to either need a saw, an auger which is motorized or not, or some vicious temper to punch your way through a couple inches of ice. If you are humping it out to the ice or walking a long way then I recommend not bring a motorized auger. This is a heavy piece of gear that will weigh you down and provide for a miserable time trudging to your ice fishing destination. If you are walking or just want to save the environment by not using any gas then I suggest that you cut through the ice with a ice saw. This will be much easier to bring along on your hike to the frozen heaven that you are going to be experiencing.

Another piece of ice fishing equipment that you are going to need if you actually want to do some ice fishing is a rod with line and some hooks. There are different kinds of ice fishing rods with different features depending on the kind of ice fishing that you want to do. One style of ice fishing rod is called a tip up. The tip up is designed to “tip up” when you get a strike. That way you won’t have to hang on to your rod for hours on end. For those ice anglers out there that want to keep a firm grip on their rod then I suggest getting a strong pole with a flexible tip. The line you use is completely dependant on what kind of fish you are after. Heavy fish require heavy lines. That seems to make sense.

One thing that I also want to mention is the warm clothing that you definitely want to bring. The only problem with ice fishing is that it is usually pretty dang cold outside when you do it. So you are going to need to bundle up nice and warm. I suggest a parka, two layers of gloves and mitts and the biggest warmest boots that you can possibly get your hand on or feet into. Snow pants are also a great piece of ice fishing gear to keep you nice and warm.

If you are going to be heading out on ice of any kind you also have to think of safety. Ice fishing may not be the most extreme sport out there but it still kills several people every year. Some people fall through the ice and die of hypothermia while a very few ice anglers get lost out there while hunting for rivers and streams to fish on. This requires you to bring a few pieces of gear that could possible save your life. These pieces are ice picks that help you to haul your self out of the ice if you fall through. These are generally just two spikes that are worn around the neck or near the sleeves of your jacket. Another piece of safety gear that you want to bring on your trips is a buddy. There is nothing better than having someone to look out for you, especially while you are freezing cold and wet. I also suggest that you bring a map and compass of at the very least you are going to want a general knowledge of the area.This these tips and suggestions you can have a wonderful time on the ice. Now get out there and enjoy your winter paradise.

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