Seward Alaska Fishing

The friends and crew of the CAROLYN have quite the time on their “Day Off.” Watch a trophy halibut get released off Montague Island. Visit us at:

Join Alaska Man George Davis and Alaska Woman Jill Davis living true life in the Wilds of Alaska!!
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28 thoughts on “Seward Alaska Fishing”

  1. Thank you Sir! Once someone watches a beautiful creature like that swim away after a good, fair fight… they’re hooked for life on catch and release. Be it marlin, trout, whatever, it’s not only a mystic experience… it’s good JuJu for your future days on the water. Thank you for your comment.

  2. great to see that we can have fun in the outdoors without rapping the resources.
    good cautch and release, Tat. Wish you many more. Great sound too!

  3. Can you tell me where about you stay or live in Alaska as I try and follow you and your wife on the map. It sure looks like Paradise to me I have a bad back and could never live like that . But at one time I used to not as rough as you guys but I understand what you are going through.
    Thanks Don

  4. The big ones are what we call breeders, they are the moms… plus the meat on the big ones is not as good… you can keep em, but we like to practice catch and release!

  5. thanks Honeymoon Campers, you will have to come visit and hook in to an Alaskan Barn Door Halibut with us!!

  6. I surely can’t help but notice how tall that dock is and the water mark on the poles. Does the tide go that high in a day?

  7. Great vid….show fish fry ups …..would have liked to see how you cleaned and cook that halibut …from mike in Newfoundland

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