Rex Hunt, Barramundi Fishing Guides, Darwin

Rex hunt goes fishing in Port Hurd with, gets into a boof session with some barramundi.
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Everglades bass fishing guides: John “King of the Everglades” Pate catching a bunch of largemouth bass. This was filmed fishing for just 2 hours at Everglade…
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11 thoughts on “Rex Hunt, Barramundi Fishing Guides, Darwin”

  1. thank’s mate, we had a few that day i reckon we caught about 40 barra in all that morning, some pretty good action i thought

  2. What was the cameramans black & blue worm called at 3:45? also what is the name of the lures you are using?

  3. Way to spot the gator! Can see him at about 2:49. Water is so low the gators from the flats are all in the canals now. We go out at night – that’s when you really see them.

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