Recreational Fishing Versus Commercial Fishing

Who are more important, recreational anglers or commercial fishermen? The question never entered anyone’s thought process 50 years ago, but in an age that recognizes not only the economic powerhouse that sport fishing has become, plus the need for recreation and relaxation brought about by high-pressure 21st century jobs, it is time to address a growing issue.

Angling or fishing means the act of preying by fishing line or trapping creatures that remain alive in water.Some consider fishing a sport or hobby even a profession. It is a tradition for decades.

More than 80% of Americans were taken on fishing trips or excursion especially for pleasure.Nowadays most adults started fishing before attaining 13 years of age. It is mainly due to the love for the sports or hobby that remain today for some people. In order to keep the golden tradition alive of this hobby or sports the kids of the present generation need to be acquainted with actual fishing.

There are two categories of fishing in vogue at present namely: recreational and commercial. Fishing for pleasure or competition is considered as recreational fishing or sport. It has certain guidelines and laws as prevailing in other sports. These laws issue guidelines imposing restriction on the catch.

The International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) makes the guidelines for fishing and oversees them. The use of nets and catching of fish with hooks in the mouth is prohibited as per fishing guidelines. Legal fishing is done through rods,reels and lines.

Recreational fishing has been made popular through competitions and tournaments. Prizes are awarded to the winning fisherman of these tournaments on the basis of the total weight of a particular species of fish caught within a certain given time period fixed by the organizer of the tournaments.

The other type of fishing i.e. commercial fishing allows fisherman to opt for their career of fishing. Fishermen make provision for huge quantity of food to many countries around the world. But there are disadvantages and risk in fisherman’s job. They are to travel far into the sea even in rough sea during bad weather condition.

The fishing industry has certain limitation and or restrictions imposed by International Treaties. The restrictions are mainly on individual fishing quota and fishing efforts which might lead to lack of jobs for the local fisherman.

In the last 10 years there has been a reduction in commercial fishers from 650 down to 400, yet the recreational demand for fishing is increasing exponentially, and they are better equipped in terms of their boats, their gear, and the electronics they are using to source fish. But the issue is set up as the recreational sector versus the industry, because they all have the same issue at heart – to maintain a population of fish thriving in the gulf waters.

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