Reasons That Fly-In Fishing Outings Within Alaska Yield the Most Fish

If you’re planning a fishing vacation but debating whether the extra cost of an Alaska fly-in fishing experience is really worth it, it is. Booking with a flight charter service or a lodge with float boat service means you can be flexible, go where the fish are, hit the remote spots, do more and see more.

Still on the fence? Keep reading for some of the reasons why a fly-in experience can take your Alaskan fishing expedition from slow to incredible.

Find the Best Fishing Grounds

Most of the fish in Alaska are migratory. That means if you book at a particular lodge and the fish have already passed through or aren’t there yet, you could have slow fishing all week and not much of an experience.

If you had booked a fly-in trip at a lodge that offers float boat services, you’d have the flexibility to travel to where the fishing is good. So, instead of depending on predictions, you can base your fishing on up-to-date migration information.

Most flight charter firms and fly-in lodges base their business on being able to take you to the best fishing. It’s their promise, so many employ experienced, local staff who focus solely on tracking fish, staying current on migration patterns and knowing where the best fishing grounds really are.

Avoid the Crowds

If you’re a solitary fisherman, someone who hates competing for fish, you can’t beat the fly-in experience. Instead of spending your day looking for a fishing spot that’s not already occupied, you can fly in to some of the most remote and not-accessible-by-boat locations in the state.

Do More

Planning an Alaska fly-in fishing trip means you can hit many more fishing spots than you would be able to by boat. With a boat, you’re limited to a particular river or water system, time constraints and a specific radius of travel. With float boats, you’re only limited by your gas tank and imagination.

Not only will you be able to fish more, but you’ll also be able to see and do more. As great as fishing is, not everyone wants to do it for seven days straight. A chartered flight experience lets you easily book side trips and day trips like hiking a glacier, watching the bears, rafting a river or climbing a mountain.

See More

The best side benefit to an Alaska fly-in fishing trip is all the sightseeing opportunities. Each day, you travel to a new fishing spot, and on your way you’re getting an included tour of the state’s majestic beauty and wilderness.

Since Alaska has perhaps the most spectacular wilderness and scenery in the world, the view is no small bonus for the person who loves the outdoors. You can do some of the best fishing anywhere and simultaneously enjoy breath-taking views of the landscape and animals which inhabit it. It is a fishing excursion well worth the time and effort to get there.

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