Pilot for the Florida Keys Fishing Show.

Host of North American Hunter, Melissa Bachman breaks away from the woods and heads down to the Florida Keys for an afternoon full of monster snooke. For mor…

Learn all you need to know to reel in the catch of your dreams in Florida – whether you’re out on the Gulf of Mexico or cruising through the waterways. For m…
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25 thoughts on “Pilot for the Florida Keys Fishing Show.”

  1. “For me I absolutley love the outdoors” and killing everything that lives in it!

    Every time I see shiet like this I understand a little bit better why Yanks are such war mongers.

  2. That guys a fucking tool…no good guide would treat a snook like he did…..go back to Brooklyn you dick

  3. I love how these “sporting personalities” (hunt&fish) are worshiped for all the trophies they get when in reality the trips are paid for by sponsors, they are led to all the game by guides, supplied with the best equipment, and all details are done FOR them. anyone with the MONEY to do that will have the same trophy room. We use no guides, supply our own gear, stay in our own humble lodging and foot the bill ourselves. real sportsman, real achievement. not these pampered showmen.

  4. That prick didn’t even let Melissa hold her catch! You could tell she was totally waiting for him to let her hold it too!  Ass hole!

  5. Yea I hate when guides or other people release your fish, it pisses me off but I’m sure that he let her release other fish, he only released those that way just for the camera.

  6. Umm you do realize that snook leap out of the water to chase baitfish and it doesnt hurt them at all, same with Tarpon.

  7. lear to release a fish you dumb fuck l0l dont fucking smash it against the water who taught u how to release a snook lmfao ur a idiot.

  8. this guy is full of shit! all the snook the in this video are small as hell. no need to get excited and lie about the size of the fish

  9. Is she peatch (vadia) por que não mata a si mesma…matando animais……é uma imbecil….Isso é uma verganha…..

  10. Great fishing day. Nice little remote island, captian throw a fish should have had a picnic lunch to share with her on island da

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