Offshore Fishing in the Florida Keys

In this episode of the Florida Fishing Experience we take a trip to the keys and take out an awesome captain, Capt. Ben Gardner of Main Attraction Fishing Charters, Ben also runs a Charter service up in Maine for big Tuna during the summertime the links will be below. We had a great time down there, caught about 30 yellowtails, 1 kingfish, 4 Cero Mackeral, and 2 Mahi! We lost a few yellowtails and kings too (mostly to sharks) but it was still awesome! If your ever in Marathon Florida I would highly suggest Captain Ben! Facebook Page: Instagram: @jonbostonoutdoors Main Attraction Charters: Capt. Ben in Maine:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Here is a couple short clips i took over the summer using a go pro.It was to chaotic to bring the camera out when we hooked up on that big king fish so we only have pictures of it. Im working on a all spearfishing video.Fishing done out of St.Petersburg Florida.

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25 thoughts on “Offshore Fishing in the Florida Keys”

  1. Julia400941 says:

    Nice vid!

  2. amzingfishing says:

    what hd setting do u use for your gopro

  3. fishingforfood1 says:

    not by boat

  4. Nicholas Plavetic says:

    Do you ever fish the halifax river ponce inlet area by boat.And another great video.

  5. fishingforfood1 says:

    not my rods

  6. howey166 says:

    Are you going to do a reel and rod

  7. fishingforfood1 says:

    ya and a kodak Zx5

  8. AlessioLorusso says:

    nice video as always and nice fish and was this filmed with a go pro???

  9. fishingforfood1 says:

    I don’t remember

  10. FishingSwag says:


  11. fishingforfood1 says:


  12. fishingforfood1 says:


  13. fishingforfood1 says:

    oh and the kingfish were on live greenbacks.. forget to say that lol

  14. OutdoorBoys100 says:

    Cool vid

  15. MiamiFishN says:

    Some nice fishing right there!!!! 

  16. floridafishing1219 says:

    nice video bro

  17. fishingforfood1 says:

    and for the mahi we were trolling lures

  18. fishingforfood1 says:

    cut ballyhoo

  19. Skipjack14 says:

    nice vid bud

  20. themulletrun says:

    Gaff looked decent

  21. fishingforfood1 says:

    too bad the catfish weren’t running 😉

  22. Jesse Alexander says:

    Looks like fun!

  23. fishingforfood1 says:

    sure did!

  24. Preston Muller says:

    pretty work! looks like you had a blast!

  25. fishingforfood1 says:

    Thanks man I’m actually almost 16 I just look really young but I started fishing when I was 11 🙂

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