Latest Adventure – Try Mudslide Surfing!

Are you tried of the same old vacation activity?

The young family members will love you for some of these helpful resources for travel and adventure. Put excitement back into your life.

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Mark Miller reports from Malibu, Calif., that mudslide surfing is the latest adventure craze sport. Miller is a writer for the Weekly World News known for weird sports and travel hot spots.

These mudsliding enthusiasts network to find fast-moving landslides that generally occur during periods of intense rainfall or rapid snowmelt.

“They usually start on steep hillsides as shallow landslides that liquefy and accelerate to speeds that are typically about 10 miles per hour, but can exceed 35 miles per hour. The consistency of mudslides ranges from watery mud to thick, rocky mud that can carry large items such as boulders, trees and cars. Lately, however, they’ve been carrying something new — surfers!” reports Miller

“Mudslide surfing is the greatest sport ever!” gushed mudslide surfing enthusiast Matthew ‘Wild Dog’ Davar, who lives on a hill above Malibu. “On rainy days I used to have to stay inside. Not anymore. Now, I can’t wait till it rains. I just set foot out my front door and I’m good to go!”

They have specially laminated fiberglass boards reinforced with hardened steel sheets built to stand up to the mudslides. These boards must travel over dangerous debris, such as, snapped trees, downed power lines and destroyed homes.

Other obstacles they have to avoid are fire crews and volunteers searching for people buried under huge avalanches of rubble and sun-baked mud.

“But what sport doesn’t have its downside?” asked Davar. “When I’m riding that mudflow, in complete control of my board, whipping past emergency vehicles and panicked people screaming and crying that they’ve lost everything — well, that kind of adventure is worth the little inconveniences.”

When I was a kid we played on the newly constructed freeway bridges before the road were completed. There were four of us who would jump off a twelve foot tall bridge and bury up to the waste in mud. Mother never did find our how we got so muddy.

How do you find your next adventure?

Plan something very unusual and give your family a treat. How about a South Pacific vacation for family fun and a great way to enjoy a tropical holiday?

If all else fails to intrigue the young family members try mudslide surfing like Davar does in Malibu.

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I’m heading to Panama for a two week vacation where I will visit Panama City with friends and family since I used to live there. I have a weekend flight to Bocas del Torro and reservations at a B&B that is completely built over the water. It is a little wooden two story house with four rooms for rent. The dining room is open air. Your have to go by boat taxi to get there. The taxi costs $2.00. It is so quiet at night that you can hear the water slapping the wood posts and you can almost hear the cangrejos (crabs) fighting over their food on the beach nearby.

Happy adventures!

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