Kayak Fish Finders

Combining the joy of kayaking with fishing is truly one of the best feelings in life. There is something primal and deep when you are waiting for a strike with nothing around you but the open water. It is a challenging and addicting way to fish. One of the things that can help you find the big ones out there is a fish finder.

If you are going to buy a kayak finder, there are some things to consider. Many models, especially the ones that mount topside, may require you to attach a transducer to your kayak. This can be done with either a suction cup or a dab of epoxy though some fishermen prefer to void the warranty on their kayaks and do a little remodeling. Another thing to consider is waterproofing. Is the kayak finder waterproof? What about the cables and batteries? Price is another factor. Some fishermen prefer buying several cheap models instead of a single expensive one. The reasoning behind this is things break. When a high tech kayak finder breaks you usually have to mail it back for repairs.

Some kayak finders require no installation at all. The HawkEye Portable Fish Kayak fish finder uses a floating sonar sensor that you toss from your kayak. Some people find it hard to read but at around 50 dollars, these models are usually the cheapest. Topside mounted kayak finders can be found in the 100 dollar price range like the Eagle Cuda 300. These are reliable fish finders for the price and are also waterproof. On the higher end of the market we see more fun, high tech options. In the 500 dollar range there is the Humminbird 385ci Color. This unit combines a fish finder, GPS plotter and map all in one. Not only does the map give you piece of mind but you can save up to 2000 waypoints and 50 routes. This allows you to keep track of your favorite spots and find them again.

Whether you are going for wahoo off the Kona coast or trying to land a few halibut in the waters off southern California, there is nothing like the thrill of hooking a big one from your kayak. While you do not need a fish finder to go fishing, it can certainly help. After you get used to using a fish finder you will never go back to the old wait and see method.


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