Fly Fishing Alberta Bull Trout with The Humblefisherman & Trouttrek

A 2011 Fly Fishing expedition with The Humblefisherman & Trouttrek to Alberta’s Bull Trout Country. Jay Jones aka the Humblefisherman is perhaps the most pro…

2013 Hammerhead Lake, Ontario Canada Fishing Trip. Cabin on a Remote lake, only way in is by a float plane. Walleye and Northern Pike Fishing, along with som…

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25 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Alberta Bull Trout with The Humblefisherman & Trouttrek”

  1. It kind of depends on the drainage, but most the Westslopes fight pretty well. We have Snake rivers in Colorado who fight really hard in some areas and other places I’d say that they do fight like a half dead sucker.

  2. Do the west slope cutts fight very hard? The Snake River Cutts we have here in Western Wyoming are so dang lazy. They are pretty but, they fight like a half dead sucker.

  3. ive fished the first spot in this video but was too early in the season so didnt get anything like those bullies just a few white fish. still a nice spot and nice lil waterfall took some nice pics in there too. love the videos keep em coming

  4. Awesome trip, looks like you had a blast. I bet you will have many more trips together, many good friends are made on the rivers. That’s what is great about fly fishing!

  5. those trout are so big , they just need a leesh and a rolling tank and it could be anyone’s pet

  6. It is actually shot on 3 different rivers located in various parts of southern Alberta. I think one was called the Highbank or something of that nature, I was not privied to names on the other two, they took me in blindfolded and spun me around! One could have been the Livingston! I just followed Humble and he took me to fish!

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