Florida Sport Fishing TV Season One Behind The Scenes On The Boats

Florida Sport Fishing S01/Ep05: A behind the scenes look at the boats currently used to film Florida Sport Fishing TV, including 19 ft Superfly Skiff and 37 …

http://www.gulfstarfishing.com Deep Sea Fishing report for September 25. Florida Deep sea fishing trip out of Tarpon Springs, FL. Florida Deep Sea Sport Fish…
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6 thoughts on “Florida Sport Fishing TV Season One Behind The Scenes On The Boats”

  1. If you area tourist in Pinellas county [St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, etc], stay away from the LARGE charter boats out of John’s Pass (St. Pete), or the wannabes at the Clearwater Beach Marina, and even Tarpon Springs. Look for good local private guides. Listen to the fishing shows on local radio (860 AM) Tampa, and watch the Florida fishing shows on TV, Sunshine channel, etc. There are excellent guides in Tampa area, Capt. Brandenburg, if booked, he will refer U to another guide.

  2. Notice the tangled lines in most shots were fish are caught. A common occurance on “charter/party” boats is that the crew is instructed to cut the fishing line of the person who “appears” not to have a fish hooked. It happens often were two people both have fish hooked, but somebody is going to lose theirs, so other lines don’t get tangled. Take my advice: If you want great fishing, get a group together and hire a private boat, about $500 1/2 day to $750 all day. And will gets lots of fish. Bsur

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