Fishing for Alaskan King Salmon

This week we are coming at you from the cold waters of Alaska! Ivo and Corrado head out on a charter to fish for those lovely King Salmon around the mountain…

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25 thoughts on “Fishing for Alaskan King Salmon”

  1. Besides the Viper Spoon, you can cast the Python Darter for salmon. AS for other spoons for trolling, Northern King makes a good salmon spoon as well. Good luck on the water!

  2. Great to hear from you and nice to see you enjoy fishing at an early age 🙂 When it comes to pike, we love using the Python Darter rigged with a 4 inch worm or an artificial minnow or a twister tail – the Pike love them (as do the Largemouth) Otherwise, spinner baits also work as do crankbaits but you are going to love using the Python Darter!

  3. Hey Ivo! I am only 13 but I love your videos and they make me want to go fishing every time I watch one! What would type of lure would you suggest for pike fishing?

  4. caught many flounder, but no halibut yet – some day though, we will try for them 🙂

  5. Guys, I tell you this all the time but I gotta say I love your fishing shows. you give amazing tips, you always have fun. but Ivo is great, you seem like a very humble calm happy man. I can’t wait till the next upload. and I’ve gotta say I love your 3 way swivels, saves me time if I’m fishing drop shot, and I know you guys love fishing cooks bay in the winter but if you want the big bass and pike in the fall you have to use something to keep you outta the weeds, your T turn swivel really helps

  6. Great it hear from you in MO and glad you are enjoying our videos – thanks for tuning in and good luck on the water!

  7. If you do a Google search for Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations, you will see the Department of game and fish appear and here will be eh regulations – good luck!

  8. Hey Ivo! I was wondering where you find the information of how big a fish has to be to keep. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

  9. i`ve been up there twice on voyages never fishing but want to- the scenry is fantastic and highly recommend the tours thanks for the video`s my fishing is usually in lakes of MO & i use some of your tips sometimes you come up with 0ne thats new to me thanks bunches

  10. You can use split shots if you would like and we suggest adding them about a foot to 1 1/2 feet in front of your lure. So tie on a snap and snap on your lure, then add your split shots a foot or so in front of your snap (can use 3 split shots if you want) and you should be “good to go” 🙂

  11. It’s feedback like yours which makes our efforts all worth while 🙂 So glad to hear you are enjoying fishing as well as our video – hope you have a great year on the water!

  12. Hey I’m kinda new to fishing I’ve been learning a lot tho from people I know and from Watching videos like yours. I’ve been catching like carp and catfish lately and there fun to catch. Just want to say thanks for Your vids cuz the have helped a lot!!!

  13. Question

    If I’m running cranks and spinners, should I use some kind of weight like a split shot to cast farther? And if I have 3 split shots and a snap right by my crank, is that too much hardware?
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Glad you are enjoying our videos and thanks for tuning in and also far taking time to write 🙂
    The trip to Alaska was amazing and we had saved this footage from a couple years ago…the fishing could have been better but they had a major storm go through the day before but it didn’t matter as the scenery was fantastic!

  15. Well that time, since it was early in the season (may) we never really left the bay. it was also reaaally stormy that day so there were 20+ foot swells in open ocean but they still make trips out to see on a good day. The spot in the bay was 600 feet deep so fishing was great. there have been 300 pound halibut pulled out of that area.

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