Fishing Escapes – The Spots a Legend Deems the Best

Johnny-Morris,-owner-of-Bass-Pro-ShopsJohnny Morris, owner of Bass Pro Shops, has been fortunate enough to turn his hobby into an empire. What does one do when they have amassed revenues of over 3 billion dollars a year? Well, they go fishing of course. While some of the locations may be out of the reach of normal people, there are many in which Morris discusses that people can venture to.

Rio Negro, BrazilIgapo-Acu-river-in-the-Muhura-reservation

Fishing in South America is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it is recommended that those over 50 do not attempt to fish in the pristine waters. However, those with a little gumption will find that some of the best fishing in the world takes place in South America. Rio Negro, Brazil is filled with freshwater fish that are biting at all times of the day. Predominately, peacock bass can be found in these Amazon Basin waters.

Tuna Alley, Bahamas

Tuna Alley, Bahamas

The perfect getaway for the family may turn into a fishing adventure for some. These crystal clear waters are not only beautiful to look at, they are chuck full of – you guessed it – tuna! This is said to be the fishing capital of the world and it is a mere 50 miles off of the coast of Florida. Tournaments are commonplace in these waters and fish have been caught that weight a whopping 900 pounds.


Alta River, Norway

Another sight to see, Alta River is stunning from every angle. The fish that bite are always pristine, but there is another enticing factor of this fishing destination – the lottery. Every person that wishes to fish here will have to enter a lottery for the right to fish on the waters. This will cost every person $66 to enter with no guarantee of winning. Only a very select few are able to gain fishing rights in these waters.

Now, while these may be dream fishing locations for most, they should always be put on a person’s bucket list. In the meantime, “Fishing Spots” has been updated and allows all users to find the best fishing spots in their vicinity. The app is available for free and has thousands of spots. This is great for those exploring a new area and do not know what fishing escape to explore first.

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