Destin Florida Beach Fishing

Fishing off the beach at Destin Florida in july of 2012. Caught a lot of fish, especally in the morning from about 30 minutes before sunrise to about an hour…
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Every late spring and early summer the nesting loggerhead turtles bring the big tiger, bull and hammerhead sharks to the southeast coast beaches. This type o…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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27 thoughts on “Destin Florida Beach Fishing”

  1. bigdaddylew says:

    Nice whiting. What did u do with the baby sharks? Did they end up on the menu? Nice vids…keep coming.

  2. Bani Ramirez says:

    Nice photoes! Lots of little sharks! Scaryyyyyyy!!!!!

  3. ArrMateyFishin says:

    Awesome video!

  4. surfmmme says:

    one of the best episodes! very cool

  5. MerazRoad TXAS says:

    Great videoo , keep it up =)

  6. ncsportsman92 says:

    Great video! i was wonder what brand jacket you had on and where you could get one?

  7. Bassel Hadak says:

    great vid , i expected the tackle to fail when you hooked the first grouper 🙂 . great action , keep up 

  8. ReelTimeFS says:

    Thanks for watching!

  9. Antonio Navarro says:


  10. FloridaFishing561 says:

    Check out my fishing and diving videos guys there in HD and Im just getting started. I have some great videos of snook and goliath groupers:)

  11. Al King says:

    Hey everyone here is an awesome web cam from Key West Florida. It’s the only web cam anywhere on a fishing charter boat that allows you to enjoy live web cam viewing from the docks and it follows the charter boat Afternoon Delight while fishing live at sea.


  12. ReelTimeFS says:

    Thanks Peter! Get ready for round 2!

  13. ReelTimeFS says:


  14. ReelTimeFS says:

    Thank you for watching!

  15. ReelTimeFS says:


  16. ReelTimeFS says:

    Thanks for watching!

  17. ReelTimeFS says:

    Wait until we finish the season! 🙂

  18. BlacktipH says:

    Awesome video Pete!

  19. ggozdz says:

    Thanks for watching!

  20. ggozdz says:

    Not sure about the book but I’ll check with Blair or Jeff Weakley. Bigjoesharkfishin- I am a puss:)

  21. fishwithandy says:

    Another Great video , Really enjoyed that, I have a Question,
    Is Florida sportsman planning on doing a Tarpon book dvd like you have done for the other species?

  22. joe fishman says:

    great video

    i love how he say’s at 3:58 i aint doing that after dark what a puss

  23. cubankong75 says:

    Great video keep them coming

  24. mikerj13 says:

    the quint impersonation!!! 

  25. TheMarlinhunter1 says:

    nice job guys!

  26. fishingforfood1 says:

    awesome video

  27. BarrettRods says:

    dude so so so cool!! thanks captian george!! had so much fun!!

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