Deep sea Fishing… Kodiak Alaska Fishing Report and Video

Deep sea Fishing… Kodiak Alaska Fishing Report and Video By Bill Hirst call us at Highland Hill farm for trees and shrubs… D…

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21 thoughts on “Deep sea Fishing… Kodiak Alaska Fishing Report and Video”

  1. akfishin07 says:

    Kodiak Island Adventures

  2. Fari Waheed says:

    I guess its the one holding the camera

  3. devinneal18 says:


  4. Ronaldo Antonio says:

    Adorei esta pescaria, principalmente porque
    é a mais pura demonstração que não tem idade para se devertir.

  5. Baba Khan says:

    The old man sounds like Johnny depp from Rango .

  6. akmalegmail says:

    that harpoon guy sticks like blood bank nurse

  7. jumukjjang7 says:

    ha the old man sounds drunk

  8. ravenfan1606 says:

    Is this guy drunk???? And is there somebody snoring because it sure does sound like it!

  9. letdimz says:

    Joystick outplacement

  10. MrKyleshawn says:

    reel faster old man

  11. turner593 says:

    lol great video funny old guy having the time of his life

  12. geekyPIANOman says:

    Damn! This old Guy is funny n cool. Reminds me of my old men lol

  13. theshammahmaster says:

    ive fished in alaska like a billion times thats not even big

  14. HighCotton8 says:

    Less jabber & more crankin’ ole timer.

  15. MegaDirtybones says:

    Hot diggity gay hey also he doesnt want to come up because ur shirt is to ugly

  16. Afhton says:

    Kodiak Island Adventures

  17. takenhope1234567890 says:

    I’ve caught 7 foot halibut and tuna in Alaska so that is about 60 pounds

  18. TZ3z says:

    He’s not annoying he’s funny.

  19. seeb20111 says:

    Good Job!!!

  20. wdf28wf says:

    someone help that old man damn

  21. johnevy2010 says:

    god that old guy is annoying 

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