Creative Force Maps Provides Custom Maps for the Great Florida Birding Trail

Creative Force Maps completes a custom map project for the Great Florida Birding Trail Eastern Division.  The Great Florida Birding Trail is a program of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.  At its core is a network of 489 sites throughout Florida selected for their excellent bird watching or bird education opportunities.  This 2000 mile, self-guided highway trail is designed to conserve and enhance Florida’s bird habitat by promoting bird watching activities, conservation education and economic opportunity. Creative Force has worked with the Florida Fish & Wildlife since 2002 developing the maps for the 4 different regions.

Florida is a birder’s paradise, thanks to its diversity of habitats, its location on migration routes, the extent of its remaining wildlands, and its geographic span of both temperate and subtropical climates.    More than 500 species have been documented in the state, including such sought-after birds as the rare Florida burrowing owl, the Florida scrub-jay, the snail kite and Florida’s wealth of wading birds.

The Birding Trail makes it easy for all birders– both casual and expert, local and tourist– to find new and productive birding sites throughout our state. Trail guide booklets describe what species to expect at each site and what kind of experience each location offers. Get out there and enjoy a gorgeous day watching birds! For more information on the trail, visit them here.  

Creative Force Maps has been a leading provider of royalty-free digital maps for over 20 years. The digital map files, whether stock maps or custom maps, are available in Adobe Illustrator or PDF format for Windows or Macintosh.

Top management at Creative Force Maps has a minimum of twenty years of hands-on, GIS-based mapping experience. They bring the disciplines of GIS engineering, cartography and graphic design together to form a synergy few companies can emulate. Visit us here

Creative Force Maps has been a leading provider of royalty-free digital maps for over 20 years.

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