Alaska Sockeye “Red” Salmon Fishing – Russian / Kenai River – Fly Fishing

Fishing the Kenai River in Alaska near the confluence with the Russian River for red salmon. Short video of casting, hooking, playing, landing, and releasing…
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8 thoughts on “Alaska Sockeye “Red” Salmon Fishing – Russian / Kenai River – Fly Fishing”

  1. Sorry onlyonewaytogetthere, but I when use the term flyfishing, I am referring to the webster definition. It focuses mainly on the gear and tackle used. While I am uncertain of your elitist definition of flyfishing, I am certain that I would not agree with it.

  2. Gunnar’s books are great. His books gave me some confidence that I wouldn’t be totally lost when I headed to Alaska! What a surprise when I bumped into him on the river when I was in Alaska. He doesn’t only write about fishing, Gunnar is happy to share his wealth of knowledge on the river too.

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