Alaska Roadside King Salmon Fishing From Anchorage to Denali

Enjoy a free preview of the most comprehensive video and written guide on roadside king salmon fishing from Anchorage to Denali. This is the premier resource…

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25 thoughts on “Alaska Roadside King Salmon Fishing From Anchorage to Denali”

  1. Catch and Realease Rulezzz. Thx guys for this awesome demonstration of sportmanship. Keep it up

  2. lol this is just SOME of the fishing for kings that you can do. this isn’t the ONLY fishery system in AK. hell on the best rivers in AK like the Nushagak you can catch 100 dime bright kings up to 50 pounds in ONE fuck you day!!! lmfao!

  3. Guys this is my FAVORITE KING VID ON THE WEB!!!  The editing, and all the nonstop action shots and the bushwacking cuts make this video a good summary of true roadside fishing in Alaska. Keep it up!!! Im headed to the Anchor River to fly fish for Kings on Memorial Day. Watching this vid makes me want to be there right now, LOL!!!

  4. is there a reason why you release all your fish parallel to the bank or even facing the shore?

  5. Not a bright fish in the bunch! Here in Oregon we may not yell “fish on” as much as they do in Alaska, but when we do, you can bet it’s a mint bright beauty. They might be fun to hook, but those scroats were well past their prime.

  6. We used: Cabela’s Dry-Plus® G-II Bootfoot Chest Waders. They only cost $139.99, but held up very well for us.

  7. another question what kind of waders did you guys use im looking for a good pair of breathables and i wanna know what stands up to beating brush in alaska

  8. Very nice. i will try and go to alaska next spring . i intend on taking a copy of your book and dvd with me. Good job.

  9. nice fishing im from wa and i go to columbia and catch some kings about 65 lbs. if you want to know the best bait for kings in columbia river its probly brads superbait

  10. Im definitely checking out this dvd once I get my next paycheck!!! Do you think a berkley IM7 Medium heavy paired with a shimano corvalus 401 or abu 5501-6501 with 25lb big game would be good for fishing up there?

  11. nice fish? come on now, those suckers are way past their prime as far as table fare goes. as far as putting up a fight yeah they fought all right, tight lines.

  12. I found a clip about it. search the name yourself and you’ll see other stories about the record fish from BC canada.

    the clip….

    The current sport caught World Record is over 99 lbs 6 oz. and was caught by Mrs Ingrid Oeder from Germany, guest at the Kermode Bear Fishing Lodge, in the Skeena River(Terrace)

  13. No, you are wrong. A woman caught one out of skeena river in BC that was bigger. It was still under 100 pounds but bigger than the alaska fish. I think it was 99 or 98 pounds.

  14. ok for one fis seward there reds and kings from the beaches use 5/0 trebble snaging hooks go 2 naqsh road or the culverts for reds/kings if you want 2 go 2 anchorage for ship creek cause birds not open for {low} tide use 5/0../6/0 hooks i prefer singles and use yarn/beads with a 6ft/9ft leader and 2 size 2 split shit weights for high tide run eggs this year is very effective with a small chunk of herring either under a bobber or use a 4oz cannonball free slide sinker or bottem bait rig

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