Alaska Fishing – Flying Into Alaskan Wilds Fulfills Fishing Fantasies

Alaska fishing has a way of exceeding your wildest fishing expectations in a most spectacular fashion. Whatever fishing passion you have, be it saltwater, freshwater, ice fishing, or fly fishing, Alaska fishing has the lakes, rivers, and streams to turn your fishing fantasies into measurable reality.

More than 600 fish species populate the waters that has made an Alaska fishing expedition such a sought after experience. One of the most renowned fishing areas to explore is the Kenai river. This is where your main course of a mega-monster King Salmon is waiting for you… For dessert you are presented with a choice of silvers, red salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Dolly Varden.

If the season is right, and you are up to the challenge, Silver Salmon will give you the opportunity to hone your fishing techniques, adding spice to tall fishing tales… From early August to the end of September, Silver Salmon thrills Alaska fishing fans in both the lower and upper sections of the Kenai. The guides in the area are experts in powerboating, backtrolling, casting spinners, and a variety of other techniques. Resurrection Bay is another of the popular Silver Salmon mooching and trolling areas.

Five Ways To First-Rate Alaska Fishing

Halibut From A Houseboat: If you prefer to do your own thing, at your own pace, a houseboat may be just what you need on your Alaska fishing expedition. A variety of options are available, such as mooring in the Prince William Sound bay. The houseboat has all the amenities you need, while you have access to coastal Salmon, Halibut, or Rockfish.

Alternatively opt for a houseboat-based Northern Pike trip on a tributary of the Yukon. The custom built boats don’t skimp on comfort and luxury, while moving with the season to ensure that you have access to impressive Northern Pikes. These Alaska fishing waters offer the perfect conditions for Pike performance, in terms of food, temperature, and water movement.

Dream Catches From A Drift Boat: The Kasilof River, home of King Salmon, Reds, and Silver Salmon, provides the background music while you are floating down river on a drift boat. No outboard motor means no noise pollution – the beauty of Alaska fishing. With wildlife abounding in the area you pass through, you will have enough to occupy your mind while you are waiting for a nibble.

Alaska fishing also offers guided drift boat adventures on the Upper Kenai. Catch and release Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden, or stick with the specified quotas for Salmon. Reputable guides play by the rules, knowing that preservation ensures long term enjoyment of the splendid Alaskan wilds. With the Chugach National Forest keeping watch over the river, you will soon realize that there is no better trophy-trout fishing spot.

Comfortable Charters Are Quite A Catch: Both for day trips, and evening tours, a charter is an Alaska fishing find for families. Salmon, Black Bass, Halibut, and Rockfish can be your quarry from the comfort of a charter boat. A few hours at night, or a lengthy day stint, exhibits Alaska fishing at its best. Some outfits even offer a water-taxi to cater for your family, while you enjoy undisturbed hours of exhilarating fishing fun.

If you are a novice, there are more than enough help on board to get you hooked on fishing for life. You don’t even have to do the cleaning yourself! Additional services offered include arrangements to have your catch vacuum packed and frozen, ready for your trip home.

Bunk Down For Bank Fishing: Make use of the spacious cabins Alaska fishing outfits have available, with easy access to bank fishing. King Salmon, Silvers, and Rainbow Trout are all within reach, depending on the season. The cabins are comfortably furnished, with some even offering satellite television! Once you set eyes on the Alaskan wilderness however, the box is sure to lose much of its attraction… Apart from the Kenai and Kasilof, the Moose and Swanson will test your technique.

Fly In For Fly Fishing: Floatplanes ensure a unique introduction to the magic of Alaska fishing. Fly-outs are organized by many fishing outfits in the area, allowing you to reach remote regions that are otherwise inaccessible.

The breathtaking Alaskan wilderness is a solitude haven, with vast, tranquil mountain lake areas, and streams that are home to Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout, and a number of salmon species. During August a popular destination is Cook Inlet’s west side for Dolly Varden and silvers. Most operators will provide spinning gear for use. If Kings give you a kick, the Nushagak river should be one of your stopping points.

Make sure that you are equipped for sudden cold snaps or showers, double check your camera equipment, finalize fishing gear, and head out on your Alaska fishing trip.

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