A Tranquil Escape To Nature On Watts Bar Lake Near

Enjoy the tranquil and peaceful environment of Watts Bar Lake at Lighthouse Pointe, a growing community that offers beautiful views of the river in a boutique community setting. Lighthouse Pointe is one of Knoxville’s first boutique communities, a place to rest, relax, and escape from the cares of the world and enter a welcoming and distinctive neighborhood instead.

Watts Bar Lake is located between Knoxville and Chattanooga, and attracts millions of visitors each year. Fishing, swimming, camping, and boating are just a few of the outdoor opportunities available on this scenic lake in Tennessee, and both cabin and cottage rentals are a valuable choice for regular visitors. Now the residential options at Lighthouse Pointe make a trip out to Watts Bar Lake even more simple.

Just a short drive from the city center of Knoxville, Lighthouse Pointe on Watts Bar Lake is a welcome escape from stress and a fast-paced lifestyle. The community offers a neighborhood atmosphere with walkways and green landscaping. The homes scattered throughout the area are built with deluxe amenities and easy access to the main community areas. An outdoor kitchen, observation deck, and a private beach are just a few of the benefits of staying and living at Lighthouse Pointe.

Both families and singles can enjoy the safe, gated community on Watts Bar Lake. Lighthouse Pointe is the perfect place to enjoy a waterfront home, and each home has easy access to all of the community amenities as well. Sit back and enjoy the sunset with friends and neighbors at the RiverWalk; this is the place to take a break and make use of the dining deck, stone fire pit, or just enjoy a cool beverage with friends. The RiverWalk is the most distinctive attraction at Lighthouse Pointe, and makes a visit or stay here very unique; life at Lighthouse Pointe is simply lakefront living at its finest.

Each home at Lighthouse Pointe at Watts Bar Lake is located inside a gated entrance, and the main boulevard leads out to the Lanai Overlook. With plenty of parking at the river-walk, it’s easy to travel around the resort and neighboring communities. A clubhouse within the resort is the ideal spot for parties, events, and get-togethers; decorated with timbers and a stone fireplace, the club house is yet another setting to enjoy the venue as a group.

Landscaped jogging trails and nature walks are located nearby and these cover the banks of Watts Bar Lake. Residents can enjoy the sunrise with a gorgeous view of the lake, and then head back to the club house for refreshments and relaxation. Boating and fishing options are also available, and Lighthouse Pointe has easy access to both.

A visit to Watts Bar Lake isn’t complete without a trip to the coves and small islands scattered throughout the region. Staying at Lighthouse Pointe makes it easy to take part in a water adventure with local guides, and those who prefer land-based explorations may enjoy a scenic drive from the community grounds to the local towns and cities instead.

Outdoor adventures and luxury clubhouse amenities are readily available at Lighthouse Pointe. A tranquil escape to nature awaits at this luxury residential community that will soon become a highlight of Knoxville and Tennessee.

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