Kentucky Lake Channel Catfish 7lb while bluegill fishing

Quick clip of a 7+ lb kentucky lake channel catfish caught on a bluegill hook while fishing for redear (shellcracker) sunfish. Related PostsBluegill Fishing and Cleaning on Kentucky Lake kentucky afieldCATFISH AND BLUEGILL FISHING 11 INCHES BLUEGILL CAUGHT AND CATFISHING. This Bluegill make you say…Catfish Fishing in Texas – How to Catch Those Trophy Blues … Read more

R/C Fishing Pole/Boat Combo

When I was a kid we never would have imagined this! It’s a remote control boat, and you can go fishing with it.  We were surfing YouTube for r/c boat videos Friday after school and came across a video about a “Remote Control Fishing Boat” That’s right, remote control boats for fishing; I thought is this for … Read more