Month: January 2010

Florida Bass Fishing

Florida bass fishing is known around the world. Not only for the massive Lake Okeechobee, but also for the professional tournament winning anglers, such as Roland Martin. The tropical temperatures and climate in Florida allows for the largemouth bass to grow to incredibly large sizes, and because of this, anglers around the world flock to the state on a regular basis, in search for that next trophy fish. While the worlds largest fish wasn’t caught in Florida, the fact remains, that on average, more people catch large trophy fish in Florida, than in any other state in America.

Before you plan your next Florida bass fishing trip, you are going to want to first figure out what part of Florida you are going to be visiting. Central and North Florida offer incredibly different fishing styles, than South Florida does, so if you are going to be north of St. Petersburg, you are going to want to take this into account. The southern half of the state has consistent fishing year round, with some exotic species thrown into the mix. When you go bass fishing in Southern Florida, there is no telling what you are going to have blow up on your lure.

In the deep south of Florida, the everglades, and freshwater canals south of Titusville, anglers can get themselves into the hard hitting Peacock bass of the Amazon Jungle. These fish were migrated into the freshwater systems of southern Florida for their ability to coexist in Florida’s natural climate. They grow to large sizes, while not as big as in the Amazon, but still put up incredible fights. If budget is an issue, and you are looking to catch some Peacocks, without having to travel to the Amazon, than a Florida bass fishing trip may be just what you had in mind.

Canada Fishing

When it comes to Canada fishing, what comes to mind? Are you thinking of huge trophy Salmon, Pike, or Walleye fish? What about back country fishing lodges, that give you the most scenic environment anyone could ask for? How about getting to travel to lakes that very few people have been to, and that require a plan to get to? Canada provides some amazing fly in fishing, if you are prepared for the journey, and have the adventurer at heart. A Canadian fishing trip is one that your family is not soon to forget, as long as you know what you want, before you start scheduling.

If you are wanting a laid back trip, without too much excitement, then you can easily plan a trip at a Canadian lodge, and have all of your dreams fulfilled. From the species of fish that you are looking to catch, to the types of lakes you are wanting to fish on, there is a lodge to suit every type of angler, and a backdrop to suit every member of your family, regardless of how picky they are. Canada is a different kind of exotic though, so you must head up there with the right mindset.

Once you have finished fishing, you are going to want to figure out what you intend to do while you are there. Canada has an incredible history background, that is bound to astonish your family members, if they are able to get into the information provided. Taking a Canada fishing trip doesn’t have to be all about the Northern Pike fishing tips. The memories fostered while you are on vacation are not soon to be forgotten. You will hear stories from your family members about what they did, or the experiences they had, for years to come.

Fishing Guides

If you have been thinking about whether or not fishing guides are right for you, have you considered what type of fishing it is that you are wanting to do? There is a wide assortment of guides available for you to choose from, depending on how it is that you are wanting to catch them. A good fly fishing guide can help connect you with the spooky fish, while practicing your casting techniques, and helping you to learn the different movements of the water, to help you catch more fish on your own time.

If you live on, or around a large lake, however, you may want to consider a local lake fishing guide, who knows the water, and has been fishing on it for years. These types of guides can help you discover different patterns, and areas, or structure where you can consistently catch fish each time you head out. Larger bodies of water present unique problems, but thankfully, when guides have fished the area for many years, they learn the quirks of the body of water. This allows them to pass their experience on to you, of course, for the right price.

River fishing guide services on the other hand, can help you figure out large, swift moving bodies of water. Rivers require a different fishing technique, and if you want to be successful, you are going to have to employ certain methods for coaxing the fish from their homes, and getting them to attack your lure, or live bait. River fishing guides can help you, by already knowing where to go fishing, depending on what the weather is like. The patterns constantly shift with rivers, and learning where, and when to fish, with what lures, can be an incredibly long, and difficult learning process, so if you are wanting to catch brutes from the depths, river fishing guides are a great choice.

Charter Fishing

Some anglers get a kick out of not only catching their favorite species, but also socializing with like minded fishermen while they are out on the water for the day. Charter fishing makes this a perfect way for these anglers to not only land the fish of their dreams, but also have the time of their life, with fun charters that can provide more entertainment then most anglers could get elsewhere, for the same amount of money. If you have been on the fence, charter fishing trips really are a great way to get away from it all, and enjoy yourself for a bit.

First, you will want to make sure that the company you are purchasing your charter through is reputable. There are a lot of charters available, but unfortunately, there are a lot of guys on the water that do not carry proper safety gear, or licensing, if required, to carry other passengers. This, along with a lack of sufficient insurance, means that yourself, and your guests are at risk when you step foot onto the boat. Spend some time up front to make sure that the prospective charter guide service is right for your group.

Next, figure out what you are going to do with the fish that you catch. When charter fishing, you are usually going after trophies, so if you are going to want to eat the fish, let the captain know ahead of time, so that he can help you catch edible sized targets. Trophy fish do not make the best table fare, but if you are intending to stuff the fish for display, then let the captain know that as well. He will likely recommend a taxidermist to you, to help connect with someone that can make your dreams a reality. Keep this in mind for your next charter fishing trip, to have a much better time.

Before you book your charter, you are going to want to take a look at a few baitcasting tips, in order to make sure you have the best understanding of how sport tackle operates, without messing up your guides equipment.

Fishing Charter

Before you go out and select a fishing charter, you are first going to want to think about exactly what it is that you need to have a charter for? Are you looking to go out for a day, of catching fish, without having to deal with the gear cleaning afterwards? Or do you need a few pointers, from an experienced angler, to show you the ropes a bit, and give you some pointers on how to catch fish while you are out on your own? Regardless of what it is, fishing charters provide you with a great day on the water, without having to break the bank on expensive boats, and gear, but in order to make the right decision, you have to answer not only this question, but a couple of others as well.

Next, you want to take a look at your own level of skill, and answer honestly, how much guidance you think you require. Let the potential charter know what it is that you have in mind, and what you are expecting from your trip, as well as how long you have been fishing, to give them the best idea of how to handle your particular day on the water. Some charters will allow you to bring guests, while others only allow a couple of people on the boat, so before you drop down your money, you are going to want to check with them first.

Next, are you looking for a specific type of fish? Or are you looking to hunt down the largest trophies, of a particular species? If this sounds like you, then do your research ahead of time, to figure out the best places to catch these types of fish, and then make contact with a potential fishing charter in the area. Most are usually friends with the rest of the charters, and will gladly get you in contact with them, if they are either full, or are offering substantially higher rates.

Fishing Trip Preparations

Before you can set out on your next fishing trip, you are going to have to take a few things into consideration. First, you must think about what exactly your priorities are, when it comes to your trip. First, what are your priorities, and what do you expect to do while you are on your trip? If you are wanting go take an Alaska fishing trip, and catch Halibut, or Salmon, then you are going to have to plan accordingly. Whereas, if you are looking to take a shark fishing trip, or deep sea trip, then you need to make those necessary changes. You can’t get the best of both worlds, so you have to make up your mind, ahead of time.

Next, what mode of transportation are you going to have to use for the type of fishing that you want to do? Some fish are able to be caught from large party boats, without being spooked, or messing with the numbers that each angler pulls out, while other fish are incredibly spooky, and there will only be a few people allowed on the boat, to reduce the overall noise, and allow each angler to catch a fair number of fish.

Next, what do you intend to do with the fish that you catch on your trip? Are you going to keep them, to eat them when you get back home? If so, you are going to have to plan for storage, and travel in advance. However, if you intend to have the fish stuffed, a local taxidermist can usually take care of you, provided there is enough time left on the trip. If your fishing trip is nearing it’s end when you catch your trophy, the taxidermist can actually send the final product to you by way of airplane.

Fishing Alaska

Fishing Alaska has long been the dream of many anglers, simply because of the natural beauty that the state has to offer. Fishing in Alaska offers anglers the most spectacular backdrops, from mountain ranges, and glaciers, to some of the biggest fish that they will ever catch. Chasing Halibut in the depths, to Salmon in the swift moving, shallow water creeks, it doesn’t matter what type of fishing gets your heart pumping, Alaska has something to offer for the entire family. There is no question why so many people have an Alaskan fishing trip so far up on their to do list.

The best part about an Alaskan fishing vacation, is that you aren’t limited to one particular species of fish, like you are in other destinations around the world. When it comes to Alaska, you can either fish for strictly Halibut, or strictly Salmon, whereas, other anglers who are looking for a wider variety can enjoy hunting down trophy pike, and whitefish. You can also expect to come across other species such as burbot, or grayling, depending on what part of the state you are visiting on your trip.

When it comes to an Alaska fishing trip, it isn’t all about the fishing, though. Your family will be excited about getting to travel to such an exotic destination, as long as they understand that exotic, in this case, doesn’t mean 90 degree, white sand beaches. Alaska does have a different climate, but it is not all that cold, in comparison to other areas of the world. During peak fishing seasons, you will actually be quite comfortable, because you are going to be so excited from catching massive, trophy sized species. When you are done fishing for the day, your family can enjoy whale watching on the way back to the lodge, with incredibly large animals coming very close to the charter boats.

Fishing Charters

From coast to coast, fishing charters are becoming more, and more of an option, when people are looking to get on the water for the day, but don’t have access to the high end boat, or fishing gear required, to successfully land on fish, and continue bagging them all day long. A lot of anglers just don’t have the experience, or time to gather the necessary experience, let alone the amount of money required to get out on the water on a regular basis, and this reason alone, is why so many people are turning to charter fishing for their thrills.

It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to go fishing on small lakes, and winding rivers, or the big, deep blue sea, you can easily find a fishing charter regardless of where you are currently living, or planning to visit on your next vacation. Your whole family can join in on the fun of charter fishing trips, because of the ease of the entire adventure. Beginning fishermen, to advance anglers can both learn a thing or two, as well as have the time of their life, while catching trophy fish that they are not soon to forget.

Rates for different fishing charters differ greatly depending on where it is that you are wanting to go fishing. Charters typically range from $200 and up, depending on how long you intend to stay on the water, as well as the area of the world that you are fishing in. You have to understand that a deep sea fishing charter is going to charge much more than a ride through the backwater swamp, catching trophy largemouth bass all day. While both methods can be equally expensive, the cost to maintain the gear required for heavier tackle fishing greatly outweighs lightweight freshwater charters, and for this reason, causes prices to fluctuate around the world. Before selecting the fishing charters to take you out, make sure you compare the rates, for where you would like to go fishing.

Fishing Guide

Beginner anglers, and seasoned anglers alike can enjoy the benefits of hiring a fishing guide to help them get more from their time on the water. Most people have the common misconception that fishing guides cost a lot of money, but for the most part, you can easily enjoy a day on the water with a guide, without having to break the bank. To save the most money, you are going to want to spend the time up front to find the right type of guide, for the fishing that you want to do, as well as comparing the rates for different guides in the area that you intend to visit.

First, what type of fish are you wanting to target? There are guides found around the world, offering various activities when it comes to which type of species you are wanting to go after. From the deep, blue sea of Costa Rica, to the huge trophy producing lakes of Mexico, Florida, and Texas, it doesn’t matter what type of fishing are you looking to get into, a guide can put you on top of them, usually all day long if your budget allows.

In order to make the most of your guided fishing trip, though, you are going to want to enter into the whole experience with the mindset that you will want to soak up as much information as possible, so that you don’t have to continue paying a guide each time you want to go fishing. What you can learn from someone with as much experience as guides provide, you can easily increase your game, and make your solo fishing trips much more memorable. Instead of casting all day, with hardly anything to show for it, a fishing guide will teach you the proper casting techniques, as well as when, and where to fish, which you can take back to your home lake or waters.